You’ll be so glad you came to UK Features

Editor Robin Corry explains why

Who are UK Features?
In more than 40 years as a journalist I have interviewed hundreds of people to sell their real-life stories for the very best money to the top-paying newspapers and magazines, including Take a Break, Woman, Woman’s Own, Bella, Best, Closer, Chat, That’s Life, The Sun and the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Daily Express groups.
I have also worked as a senior executive on top-selling magazines and newspapers in the Daily Mail group and at The Sun and was Consultant Editor for the women’s magazine Bella for five years. I do voluntary work for my local internet community radio station, Brooklands Radio.
I set up UK Features in 1990 to help people – like you, perhaps – who wanted to sell their story for cash but were not sure how to go about it, to make it a hassle-free experience. As a trusted professional I can talk directly to the people who will pay money for your story and look after your interests.
Apart from me, we have a group of professional writers experienced in people’s real-life stories.
How we work for you
After you send us an outline of your story we ring you to talk over any points you want to raise. If there are legal risks in selling your story we will advise you and we abide strictly by the Press Complaints Commission Editors’ Code of Practice.
If you decide to go ahead and sell your real-life story for cash we will ask you for one or two photos.Then we will write a brief outline of your story and send it out to the papers and magazines without revealing your identity. They will make their offers within 24 hours, we’ll discuss them with you and together we’ll choose the best option for you. We are always ready with as much guidance as you would like to help you get good money for your story, but the final choice is yours. Once it is made, you will be sent a contract to sign to guarantee your fee.
Next, one of our experienced and friendly writers will interview you to take you through your story. After writing it they will read it back to you to make sure it is accurate and reflects your feelings. You will be paid your agreed fee in full. The paper or magazine will pay us a separate fee for writing your story.
How much money is my story worth?
Women’s magazines will generally pay up to £2,000 for a story that runs across two pages and up to £3,000 or even more for a story that has a front-cover headline and appears in the first few pages. Newspapers will sometimes pay more
Quite often, after a story has appeared, other magazines and newspapers will want it and we will negotiate a good fee for you to sell your story again. TV programmes might want to interview you for yet another extra fee.
To help make sure you always get money for your story, be sure to keep it exclusive. Don’t tell anyone else about it and don’t use more than one agent – if two agencies are trying to sell your story then editors can play them against each other to bring the price down.
If you have already signed up with another agency then we would not be able to act for you. When you approach us, please tell us if your story has already appeared in a newspaper or magazine or will do shortly. We might still be able to sell your story for cash so long as you are not signed up to anyone else.