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Do you ever think: ‘I could sell my story?’ Perhaps it’s something wonderful, heartbreaking or life-changing, maybe a romance, a betrayal, beating an illness, losing weight or having a miracle baby… You could sell your story to a magazine or newspaper for serious cash. UK Features will get you the best money for your story and write it for you.

With UK Features it couldn’t be easier to sell your story to titles such as the Daily Mail, The Sun, Take a Break, Best, Chat, Closer and Woman’s Own.

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Sell my story? Great idea!

Each of us deals with the experiences that life brings us – happy or sad, shocking or uplifting – in our own way.

Selling your real-life story about what happened to you and how you coped can help others deal with similar situations in their own lives.

Selling your story can also help you find closure and move on from a time of trauma or sadness. And you will earn enough money for your story to help you rebuild your life

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Get top cash for your story

The thought of selling your story to a magazine or newspaper can be scary. Which will pay you most? Which will write your story as you would like? How can you be sure of getting paid?

I’m Robin Corry, a trusted, experienced journalist, and I set up UK Features more than 20 years ago to take care of those worries when you sell your story. We have helped more than 2,000 people earn big money for their story.

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