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Sell your story for cash in 4 easy steps

  1. Send us a brief outline of your story using the box on the right or our story form. We will phone you for a chat and then, with your OK, we’ll send an outline of your story to newspapers and magazines.

  2. We will discuss with you the offers we receive for your story and we can help you decide which to accept. You will be asked to sign a contract guaranteeing the fee you will be paid.

  3. Our writer will interview you, write your story and read it back to you if you wish.

  4. You will be paid the full agreed fee four to six weeks after your story has appeared. UK Features will keep working for you to seek follow up sales and TV appearances that will earn you extra fees.

Yes! You DO have a story to sell

Here are some of the topics and experiences that could make your real-life story worth big money with UK Features

  • You were cheated on or conned by someone you loved and trusted.

  • You have found true love after having your heart broken or perhaps rekindled love after years apart.

  • Your marriage has survived against the odds, or something beyond your control destroyed your relationship.

  • You have beaten an illness against the odds or suffer from a rare health condition that affects your life.

  • You have transformed your life by losing a lot of weight.

  • You want to pay a tribute to a departed loved one.

  • You have had a miracle baby, or have experienced the joy of a new baby after losing a child in tragic circumstances.

  • You or a loved one has overcome an addiction, perhaps to drugs or alcohol.

  • You have been the victim of a crime, you have prevented a crime or helped have a criminal brought to justice.

  • You have had a haunting experience of the supernatural.