We’re sure you’ve got questions about selling your story. Here are some answers

Could my story be printed without me knowing?
Absolutely not. You will have a written agreement stating where your story is to be published and how much you will be paid. In any case, your story is worthless without your approval and co-operation.
How can I be sure I’ll be paid?
Your contract will guarantee that you will be paid after your story has appeared. Usually that will be four to six weeks afterwards.
Do I have to pay UK Features?
Not a penny! Most magazines and newspapers pay two separate fees, one to you and another separate one to UK Features. The two fees are usually about the same and you will be paid your fee in full. A few publications pay one total fee and that will be divided equally between UK Features and you.
Wouldn’t I do better by going directly to a magazine or newspaper?
It’s unlikely. If you try to sell your story directly to a newspaper or magazine you could end up accepting less than the best price because you won’t know what the story is worth.
With our experience at UK Features we know which magazines and newspapers might be interested in your story and we will put it out to a blind auction among them. So each of them will offer the best money for your story they can in the hope of securing it against the competing titles.
Remember, too, that magazines and newspapers are receiving a constant flood of story ideas from their readers and yours could easily be overlooked. But at UK Features we deal directly with senior editors and make sure that your story outline stands out from the rest.
I’m not sure if I want to sell my story… Can I ring UK Features for a chat?
Ring us on 020 8398 0706 at any time and we’ll be delighted to have a good, long chat about your story and any concerns or questions you might have. If you decide after talking things over that you would rather not sell your story, then that’s fine. We want you to be perfectly comfortable about selling your story before you go ahead.
I’m a man. Would my story sell?
We have sold scores of men’s true-life stories to women’s magazines and newspapers. They range from exposing a female love-rat to paying tribute to a wonderful and much-loved partner who has died tragically young.
Could I keep my identity secret?
In a few very sensitive cases or for legal reasons magazines and newspapers will agree that your true identity can be concealed. But you will usually be expected to use your real name.
Can I sell my story two or three times?
Yes indeed. Quite often these days two magazines will offer a double deal together, so that your story will appear in both of them. If your story appears first in a newspaper, then magazines will often bid to use it for a second time. You could be sought after for TV appearances, too. At UK Features we shall act in your interests to negotiate these extra deals.

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